Step one:

Participants choose their perfect skimming stone. 

(memorise the number written on it)




Step two:

Participants skim their stone on the water.

“A happening is for those who happen in this world, for those who don’t want to stand off and just look. If you happen, you can’t be outside peeking in. You’ve got to be involved physically.” – Allan Kaprow


Step three:

Archimedes’ Principle states that when an object is immersed in fluid, DISPLACEMENT occurs- the object pushes the water out of the way and takes its place.

After the participant has skimmed their stone it will sink to the bottom of the canal, and the water levels will have risen slightly.



Step four:

On each stone is written the amount of water it displaces in millilitres. This is equal to the stone’s volume.

Each Participant should use a measuring jug to take the amount of water their stone displaced from the canal and place it in the container beside them, returning the canal back to its original level.